Unit 8 Review - Cold War and Decolonization

This review will guide you through an adaptive, research-backed study session. As you answer questions, we will actively assess your current understanding of the material. Questions will continue to be drawn until you have demonstrated mastery of each learning objective.

Reviews are graded based on completion. You will receive full credit for achieving 100% mastery or answering all questions.

Learning objectives for this review:

  • Explain the historical context of the Cold War after 1945.
  • Explain the causes and effects of the ideological struggle of the Cold War.
  • Compare the ways in which the United States and the Soviet Union sought to maintain influence over the course of the Cold War.
  • Examine the movements in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that aimed to redistribute land and resources, often advocating communism or socialism. Analyze the causes and consequences of China‚Äôs adoption of communism, including the impact of internal tensions, Japanese aggression, and policies like the Great Leap Forward.
  • Compare the processes by which various peoples pursued independence after 1900.
  • Explain how political changes in the period from c. 1900 to the present led to territorial, demographic, and nationalist developments.
  • Explain various reactions to existing power structures in the period after 1900.
  • Explain the causes of the end of the Cold War.
  • Evaluate the similarities and differences in the effects of the Cold War across the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.