Unit 2 Review - Networks of Exchange

This review will guide you through an adaptive, research-backed study session. As you answer questions, we will actively assess your current understanding of the material. Questions will continue to be drawn until you have demonstrated mastery of each learning objective.

Reviews are graded based on completion. You will receive full credit for achieving 100% mastery or answering all questions.

Learning objectives for this review:

  • Analyze the expansion of the Silk Roads, focusing on how innovations like the caravanserai and forms of credit enhanced trade and led to the growth of major trading cities.
  • Evaluate the Mongol Empire's impact on Eurasian state building, trade, and cultural exchange, noting how their expansion spurred economic integration and technological transfers.
  • Examine the growth of the Indian Ocean trade networks, highlighting the role of maritime technology and the social and economic impacts, including the rise of trading cities and diasporic communities.
  • Describe the impact of trans-Saharan trade routes, focusing on the role of technological innovations and the influence of empires like Mali on trade.
  • Discuss the cultural impacts of increased AfroEurasian connectivity, analyzing the diffusion of cultural, literary, and technological innovations.
  • Explain the environmental impacts of expanded trade networks, including the diffusion of crops and the spread of diseases like the bubonic plague.
  • Compare and contrast the economic impacts of various trade networks, focusing on their effects on the regions' economic, social, and cultural dimensions.